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A major part of Sprintex’s turnover is made overseas. This result is due to the customer proximity that employees have instilled. In fact area managers are often travelling in the countries they are in charge off, in order to support the agents and meet at best the demand of foreign markets.


The growth of the company on the international market didn’t mean distance or standardization but led the company to works on its ability to adapt. Strong of this experience, the firm knows that she has an advantage and attends many international shows which give her some recognition. 


  • Sprintex exports its products to 54 countries


  • There are 62 agents, all over the world, working for Sprintex


  • Sprintex's turnover breakdown is as below :

    • 50 % in Europe ( outside France)

    • 35 % in France

    • 15 % of major export

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